Managing your weight can be a struggle and often years of yoyo dieting have made things worse. Finally, there is a program that will allow you to put an end to this problem and achieve your ideal weight and health. Our Medical Weight Management Program is called TLS Select.

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What is TLS Select and How does it work?

TLS Select is a customizable, science-based program designed to fit you and your unique lifestyle. We will help you learn about low-glycemic-impact (GI) eating, body composition, supplementation and education, supplying everything you’ll need to get fit and trim. This comprehensive approach will assist you with achieving your weight management goals and leading a new, healthy lifestyle.

While we will customize TLS Select to meet your unique needs, TLS Select generally starts with four basic components.


LOW-GLYCEMIC-IMPACT EATING: Eating low-GI foods assists your body with fat loss and supports your blood sugar and metabolism.
BODY COMPOSITION: TLS Select emphasizes fat loss and lean muscle maintenance, because muscle dictates metabolism.
EDUCATION: We will teach you how to get weight loss results with numerous resources and tools.
SUPPLEMENTATION: Our scientifically developed supplements address different processes in your body to accelerate your weight loss.



A custom weight loss plan will be created for you based on your current health goals, lifestyle, diet, activity level and behavior. This comprehensive, science-based approach will provide a long-term solution for healthy and sustainable weight loss. We may also recommend supplementation and a nutraMetrix® Gene SNP DNA Analysis to better determine how your genes interact with weight loss for a more custom fit.